Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catching up with class project...

Giving the theme of the medieval ages for my class project this time, I have been working on an altered book.  Wednesday is our final class of this session, so thought I'd better get going and try to finish it before then.  Have to take the back off the button so it will glue on flat and so not quite finished...but oh such fun!

I found artwork from that period and also used vintage botanical prints and lovely messages from Victoria magazine.  Not for sale; just for me, so I am not stepping on anyone's toes.

I'm thinking about distressing the pages a little more to give it more of an aged look.

I liked putting on their flowery head pieces and I can hear the sound of the trumpet flowers!

The finale leads up to Frederick the Great, whose gravesite we visited at Sanssouci when in Germany. He is known for his brilliance in the military, but he patronized the arts and philosophers and wrote flute music.  During his reign, Frederick also presided over the construction of canals, and introduced new crops, like the potato and the turnip, to the country.  He didn't want to be buried with his father and later the body was moved and buried here with his greyhounds.  Potatoes, his favorite vegetable, is the reason the management puts a potato on his headstone daily.   A long and interesting story and I find him fascinating. 

The end....almost.


nacherluver said...

I bet your classes are so fun! Bet it's bitter sweet when they come to an end. Lovely book.

Doris said...

So nice to create something just for yourself! Pretty in pink!