Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tuesday's Luncheon

Yesterday we had a Christmas Luncheon at The Center in honor of Joan Walsh Anglund.  Lunch was yummy and Lois gave a lovely slide show and talk about this wonderful artist and author.  Her sweet drawings of children reflect their innocence.

I helped with the crafts and we made this little girl with the familiar face of Joan Walsh Anglund's drawings...

added a pine cone for her body and there she is, ready for Christmas.  Some of the ladies added pipe cleaner arms and a little paper book so that she could go caroling. 

Here you can see one of her famous children.

We made cranberry hearts, gift tags, a little seed bag for the birds, a cornucopia, the little pine cone girl, and cut paper dolls.  It was a "feel good" day.

For the birds:  "Spread this birdseed on your doorstep on New Year's morning for a year of good luck...for you and the birds!"