Sunday, August 31, 2008

the birthday dinner

The birthday celebration plans had changed and last night we went out for dinner with our children and grandchildren just to commemorate the day. In the restaurant, there were people returning from the fall fest in Frankfort and at the table next to us were some moms and their daughters with their treasures from the fest. Out of the way, on the floor next to their table, one of the girls had placed a water-filled plastic bag with one little goldfish in it. Danielle had been eyeing their newly purchased headpieces, with colorful streamers on them, hanging on the backs of their chairs and also the little lonely goldfish in the plastic bag. The closest little girl noticed this and said to Danielle, "would you like to have him"? The biggest smile came across Danielle's face and she was thrilled to accept the offering. So off we went with our new "little treasure", and back to Julie's for coffee and a piece of Rainbow Ice Cream Cake. yum. Time to go home and guess who was chosen as the keeper of the fish? Grandma! He/she will reside at Grandma's house. We have named it "Jackie", after the kind little girl who gave it away.


Laura said...

April I so enjoy you stories of you every day events. What fun!!!
I want to be your granddaughter, but my chance will come to be a grandmother some day and I"m going to put you as my inspiration.

Doris said...

What a beautiful act of kindness from a child! Quite inspiring.