Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's a boy!

Here I am! I don't know my name yet, but I am a goldendoodle.

My Mom is "River". She is sweet and loving.

This is my Dad, "Jake". He is friendly and fun!
It was a beautiful day yesterday and well worth the day trip to see this beautiful family. Happy dogs. Wonderful personalities. Beautiful puppies.
It was a trip out to the country. The sky was blue with big fluffy while clouds and the corn fields were high. We had the country music playing on the radio and I felt like I was on the screen of Cinerama. When we arrived at the breeder, it was more than I expected. A beautiful place, nice people, and oh such happy dogs. A good thing. The puppies eyes aren't open yet and they still need their Mom, so they won't be ready until around the first of October. I have time to tell "Timber".

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Laura said...

So Cute April, How nice to meet the dogs and the people first. We did that our yellow lab and brought the kido's when they were very young and got to see all the puppies running around and the parents on the same proprety.