Sunday, December 13, 2009

The trimming of the tree

Yesterday afternoon, Danielle helped me with the tree. First, she sat with her art supplies and drew and painted, while I strung the lights. As she put in her drawing here, I have all little "orange" lights because when lit, they look like little candlelight. I saw them at a friend's house many years ago and just had to have that glow on my tree too. I put on six strings of 100, and each time I plugged in a new string, Danielle would click "Grandpa's remote" and pretend she had turned them on for me. It was magical!

And here is her painting of two puppies watching us from behind a holly bush.


Laura said...

My how her art is growing in detail.

Suz said...


Maria said...

Hi April!
Thanks for stopping by my sky watch post! Your granddaughter's picture of the puppies watching from the holly bushes is so adorable. I love how she made their eyes... their eyes are smiling :)
What a sweet blog you have ... Your title drawing is so soft and beautiful.
Blessings to you ~ Maria

Elena said...

I just love seeing her work. Kids have no restrictions.

Doris said...

It's so caring that you trim your tree with Danielle. Adds wonderful holiday remembrances for you both!