Friday, October 21, 2011

Midweek Masterpieces!

Wednesday's class, working away on their collage pieces.

Fun!  One of Peggy's Fall/Halloween pieces.

Relaxing and meditative, Bernie's collage done in restful colors.

Sandy's love of bicycling.  The transfer is her own bike's wheels.  Very innovative!

And here, Sandy is working on a colorful collage with a transfer of one of her beautiful pen & ink trees for the focal point.

Finished!  Barb's beautiful and powerful statement...

and a start to a new one.

Marge's lovely pastels anticipating their image.

MaryAnn's is dramatic, I think.  Reminds me of a waterfall landscape.

Linda's lovely pastel flower garden, waiting for their stems...

Planted and bloomed!

And fun again!  Linda's Halloween card.

Lora Lee's serendipitous arrangement...

ribit! ribit! ribit!

Judy, deciding on the right pieces for an interpretation of a favorite New Orlean's cafe garden.

Very impressionistic.

Denise's leaves glowed against her colorful background.

And it's a series!

Beautiful Southwestern colors by Teri.  I can just hear that coyote howl.

and maybe a small companion piece started?

And here, Teri's interesting and powerful statement.

and "yours truly" again. 

A great session!  And next week, we begin an altered board book.


Jan said...

Wonderful work from all the students! Very productive and creative.

Laura said...

awesome just a wonderful flow of great spirits and creativity...