Saturday, October 8, 2011

Naperville notes

Out and about to see some color!  Yesterday, we drove to Naperville and strolled the Riverwalk.

Along the west branch of the Dupage River.

Beautiful colors!

And a blue sky reflected in the water.  Happy ducks!

And here's me and hubby with Dick Tracy.  Dick Tracy was created by Chester Gould (1900-1985).  Longtime resident of Naperville, Dick Locher, became illustrator in 1983.

He created this bronze tribute to "the yellow-coated crusader for justice."

Let's synchronize our watches, Dick!

A nice respite along the Riverwalk.

The last roses of summer.

On to the book store and hubby sat with the reading lady while I went inside.

A tribute to Steve Jobs outside the Apple store.


Audrey said...

That's what we miss, hubby's humor. Who else would stand in front of Dick Tracy sinchronizing his watch.
They have a nice art show on the river walk in the summer.

MB said...

We love the Riverwalk, your post has reminded me we need to take the dogs there very soon!

Jan said...

Nice post, April. It looks like it was an absolutely beautiful Autumn day to be doing a little sight seeing and window shopping. Isn't it funny how that Dick Tracy watch was seemingly so far fetched at the time, and yet now is essentially what we have in our cell phones?

Robin said...

What a nice day! Beautiful colors!! I can't believe how many leaves have fallen in the last 3 days!!! It's making me a bit sad.