Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letty Mae's Tea Room

Yesterday, Julie and I went with some friends to Morris, Illinois for lunch, shopping and their Home for the Holidays Christmas Housewalk.  We had lunch at Letty Mae's Tea Room in town on Liberty Street.  A lovely place and delicious food. 

Our table was reserved and, a good thing, because it got very crowded with the festive weekend.

Their Christmas tree is adorable, decorated with tea cups and doilies. 

Everyone got a sample of their Strawberry Soup, which was delicious!  And we had pink lemonade with a strawberry slice in it because it looked so pretty.  On their menu, there were sandwiches and salads which were all great, and we had the yummy Creamy Chicken Soup.  Then, for dessert, they brought out "cake samplers" which were round balls of fudgey chocolate cake coated in chocolate frosting, like truffles.  Oh my gosh! 

The little specialty shops in Morris were delightful!  I must tell you about them later.

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