Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A warm holiday get-together!

Tis the season!
On Saturday, my daughter, Julie, and I were getting together with our most wonderful forever friends, Bernie and her daughter, Julie.

We were invited for lunch and oh my...yum!  Veggies and dip.  Fruit and chocolate!

And the most delicious chicken salad.  I think I'll make this for the Christmas Tea...okay, Lois?

Here is "Oliver" and "Hank".  Aren't they the cutest?  They love napping in their pink "suitcase".

And here's sweet "Max", the senior dog in the family.

Pumpkin cupcakes for dessert!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Julie and Julie talking over the plan for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Oliver sneaks in a smooch.

Julie and Julie.  The best friends.  It seems like yesterday when they were playing Barbies all day.

And here we are - Bernie's Julie, me, my dear Bernie, and my Julie.  Together for the day.  No matter how long we are apart, these are the friends that you can just pick up with like you just saw each other yesterday.  Love you.

Getting ready to go shopping in Braidwood at "Countryside Village". 

Whoosh!  A windy day!

A perfect day to begin the winter holidays.


Elena said...

What a great loving post!

nacherluver said...

Look at all the smiles! It appears as if a fun day was had by all.

Love your kitchen!