Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fun in the classroom!

Yesterday, in my class, we made gel prints.  Using stencils, paste paper tools, bubble wrap and lots of toys we all enjoyed making these monoprints without a press.

Some of us have the gel printing plate and the others made their own with unflavored gelatin in a pan.

Pretty, huh?

Barb brought in her beautiful piece, all framed and ready for the wedding they are going to this weekend.  What a lovely wedding gift!

And a few other finished pieces.  Kristin's lovely journey piece and ...

Her little landscape.


and Peggy's.

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Suz said...

did you ever think you would grow up and be the bestest teacher ever..? huh? did ya.?
Loved the photos of you and mom...and the poem
and happy birthday wonderful April