Saturday, November 17, 2012

the holidays

Looks pinkish in this picture but it's not - it's Christmas red, along with pine green.  We're making a Log Cabin hanging quilt in Denise's quilting class.  See all those dots?  You know me and pointillism!  I was even drawn to them in the quilting store.

Today, we have our Thanksgiving dinner day.  Last year, it was on the day but sometimes it has to be when we can all be together.  That's what's important.  The illustration on my Mary Engelbreit calendar for today is two little girls making a wish on the turkey wishbone.  When I was young, my dear Uncle Albert and I did that every Thanksgiving and I guess I won more times.....he stayed a bachelor.  His birthday was this past week, the same as my mom's, and he is strongly in my thoughts today.

"There is nothing more properly the language of the heart than The Wish."

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Suz said...

oh my this was a sweet post
.....and no one does dots like you
and is getting hard getting everyone together...
happy thnaksgiving