Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today, I will wait to see if blogger catches up with me.  I have deleted my posts from my "april's art shoppe" blog in hopes that it will give me more space here.  I have been wanting to do something with that blog anyway.  Sooooo I cleaned it out.  Where are they?  Slow.

Julie and I had a lovely visit yesterday with a dear friend.  The weather is sure changing and it was a cold and windy day, but this is a friendship that makes us feel very warm inside.  And she has a new dog.  A cocker spaniel named "Kandi".  A little sweetheart...she looks just like "Lady" from "Lady and The Tramp".  We had Julie's "Squash Soup" for lunch, a stick-to-your-ribs soup, and it was so warming and good!  Maybe I will show you soon.  Until then...

Be happy with what you have and you will have plenty to be happy about.



Dar said...

Aww, thanks for such a sweet memory. I used to have a dog that looked like Lady of the Tramp and her name was Lady. I was 9. How I realize I miss her.
Have fun revamping~~~I'm such an idiot on here that I never change my screen~~~too old to remember how. LOL
I'm about to become a follower.
Thanks for stopping by and do stop again.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I was having a stinker of a time trying to load pics and put up a post on my own blog this morning.
Make sure you go into Picassa and clean out all the photos associated with the blog you deleted.
Pretty sure they stay there....I've had to delete duplicates one by one. *sigh*


Uta said...

April I deleted all of 2007 posts from my blog and am still unable to upload pictures. Is it the same for you???