Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A fun-filled Tuesday

More art projects were on the agenda for another one of Danielle's Spring Break days with me.  Continuing on with her visit to our Calligraphy Class yesterday, I decided we should just do some fun decorated letters!

She wanted to make a surprise for Kassidy with the letter "K".

Tried a couple of different designs and decided on this one.  Kassidy's favorite color is pink.

And "D" for Danielle.  We put ribbons on them so that they would look pretty  hanging on their bedroom doors.

She was looking at some flower-decorated ones in a book that I have and so that's how she chose to do hers.  Love the little mushrooms at the bottom.

Mine.  Kept us busy all day!

The activity was busy outside too.  The big Grackles...

and our neighborhood squirrel.  There are nuts in this suet!

Can't help but laugh to watch his antics though.

"I'm hungry too!"

Then Brent was over for dinner and we were treated to a dinnertime serenade.

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