Thursday, March 14, 2013

getting started

Yesterday, in collage class, everyone was getting a good start on their pieces.  The start of mine, above, couldn't wait to get those "encased" leaves in and so now we will see what evolves.  We were busy with sharing other things, starting backgrounds for some, some making a few more papers, painting and other busyness that I almost forgot to take some pictures, but here are a few...

Inspiration coming mostly from nature quotes and poetry, I will collect and tell you about those as we get closer to finishing.  This is Sandy's and I can just taste the smell of the sea...

Lora Lee's has an exciting feel of the universe.

Maryann's has a lovely mysterious feel.

And Barb inspired us with this wonderful "book" piece that she is working on for an exhibit.

Next week, we will be moving along and I will have lots to show you!

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nacherluver said...

Look at all that great work!