Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Monday!

The beginning of the week and Monday's Collage Class!  Half-way through this session and Kate is going along well on her beautiful tree.  I feel it breathe...

Mary's Ocean with lots of movement.

And Barbara's calming flowery message in purples and pinks.

Danielle is on Easter Break this week, so she was with me yesterday and, of course, loved working on a collage project too.  She "dug right in" and began filling her background with happy colors and patterns.

Voila!  A collage celebration, perfect for a birthday card!

Monday afternoons I have Calligraphy Class with Marge and so Danielle and I spent a little time there.  She was going to the movies with Daddy as soon as he got off work, so we couldn't stay for the whole class.  We're beginning Illuminated Letters and Danielle was anxious to give that a try.

I think she did a lovely job!

and she chose a lovely quote.

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