Saturday, July 13, 2013

And on to the Lake...

...and yet another chapter in the day of my boating experience...

so pretty looking back at the city.

The Field Museum

"Bird's eye" view of all the activity...

...and oh!... the sights to be seen!

The Shedd Aquarium

We could see that there was a wedding at The Adler Planetarium.  What a beautiful day they had!

good-bye to the city...

and away we go!

Amazing sizes of the ships and barges.  How can they stay afloat?
"The water pushes up with a force equal to the weight of the water the object displaces.  This displacement of the water, and whether the object will float, depends on the objects density."
"For an object to float, the density of the object must be enough that it displaces an amount of water that is equal to the weight of the object."

Some bridges have huge cement weights that raise and lower them to allow ships and barges to pass through.

Time for cheese and crackers!


Suz said...

too much deep water for me
but the city is beautiful from the water

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It's truly the best way to see the city--What a perfect, perfect day and what great fun and great photos!!