Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday's outing

Yesterday, we went to see "Boeing Boeing" at Drury Lane.  It's a very very funny play about a swinging bachelor in the 60s, who has a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses all engaged to him without knowing about each other.  Very funny what happens when an old school chum comes to visit him.  Nora Dunn, who was a cast member from 1984-1991 on "Saturday Night Live" (and which I'm sorry, but I never watched) has a wonderful role in this play.

I don't think I ever saw the 1965 film with Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis and Thelma Ritter.  Now it's a must!

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Laura said...

I've seen that advertised April been thinking about it and then the Mayslake has the evening plays too that I've been wanting to engage much around us to do.