Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday's summer art

This week's session was held at Marge's house.  A beautiful day...

and beautiful flowers in her garden...

I love those cone flowers...

and we had a sweet little symphony going on from a sweet little tiny bird...

a wren.

He kept us amused with his big voice that came out of that tiny body.

Danielle joined us this week and she was happy to be near the wren and a pretty birdhouse.

Sandy had several paintings going on...and I always love the colors of the artist's palette.

Soon it was time for lunch and the critique...

Mary's beautiful painting included doing a beautiful job on the fence.

And Luce's wonderful floral watercolors.

Danielle's pretty little colored pencil drawing.

MaryAnn's lovely pencil drawing.

Sandy's luscious watercolor of the lilies.

Oops...sideways (can't get it to turn) but two really nice pencil drawing of these things in Marge's garden.

Marge's beautiful garden drawing.

Ann's very sweet flower drawing with colored pencils.

Lois C's very nice pencil drawing.

Tish's beautiful colorful watercolor.

And here is Joan's garden watercolor and just look at this...

wonderful rabbit!  He is a garden statue with lots of patina!

And, of course, Lois H's great drawing of the back of Marge's house.

A good day! 


Suz said...

oh my April
Danielle is seriously talented
you must be proud!

Marjorie said...

Nice photos! I didn't take enough that day!