Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday's class

Readying us for our work on winter collage, the icicles hanging on the windows at The Center were a constant reminder.

So on the class worked and played and almost done, here is Marge's beautiful winter scene.

Peggy's winter wind blowing through.

Here are some ladies that Carolyn created with mystery to them...can you see them?

And Carolyn's interpretation of  King Winter.  Beatiful cool colors.  Brrrrrr...

Working away...

Denise's frosty winter woods.

Barb's cool colors, also having some mystery to it.

 Bernie's winter path and she's looking for a critter to add some life to this scene.

Meanwhile, the day stayed frozen.

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Doris said...

Brrrr. Lovely icy pieces. Maybe good to look back at in August.