Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yesterday's class

Finishing up our winter collages, Barb's has a mystical feeling; a fantasy, surreal feel.

Teri, almost finished; she's considering adding another tree on the right and/or toning down the trees or the sun.

Denise's finished with different textures in the snow piles and that wonderful masking tape paper we made for the tree trunks.

Again, Carolyn's beautiful night time forest, using paper towels and paint.

And, here, Carolyn brought in one of her paintings to show us.  Beautiful and bright!

We saved time after our critique of the collages, for Barb to show us how to make this envelope book.

I had missed a meeting where this was taught, so she kindly showed us in class.  I really like it and it would make a lovely little gift.

Okay, and back to mine.  This one, almost done.


...and working with painted backgrounds this time, this one is waiting to be started.

...and here's my Valentine quilt, ready for it's batting, backing and quilting.  Oh dear...another project unfinished.  Do I start too  many things at one time?  Well, they're all just too much fun!


Jan said...

all the winter collages remind me of the show Game of Thrones for some reason. Probably because there is so much winter going on in the show. These are all great! Very moody and subtle. And of course I love the little envelope book! I'll have to look into that one. You finish lots of stuff so I don't think you start too many. Not everything gets finished maybe but I'll bet most things do.

april said...

Oh, I don't know that show, Jan. I will mail you the instructions for the little book.