Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday's paper painting

On Wednesday, I brought lots of paper towels and acrylics to class.  We had a paper towel painting session to get ready to create a springtime collage this session.

I liked these Scott 1-ply paper towels with the nice lines for texture, and with them being 1-ply, they didn't need to be pulled apart.

Making about three small cups of acrylic washes, you just crumple the paper towel (I tore about three sheets together) and dip it into the three different colors...

Then lay it on a piece of freezer paper, let it dry a little, and then stamp, using tools and rubber stamps, with somewhat heavier acrylic paint (very little water added) applied to the stamp/tool with a sponge brush, using a Styrofoam plate as a palette.  This worked well.

When completely dry, iron it flat.  Nice paper for collage!  I think I see those Buttercups!


Suz said...

is there no end to your talent April!
I received my package!!
the best ever....such talent
and can you believe Cynthia?!?!
who knew

Jan said...

Once again you have inspired me! As I was painting yesterday I set my paper towel aside to use somewhere some day, it turned out so pretty!