Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter collage

Working on winter collage, last week in class, here is Carolyn's finished piece of night time in the forest.

Teri also finished her collage, unnamed as yet.

And everyone else had a wonderful start on winter ... while dreaming of Spring.

Bernie's.  She has a beautiful photograph of a snowy tree-lined path for her inspiration.

Judy is always inspired with images from her own beautiful garden.

Denise getting the feel of snow-laden pine trees.

Lora Lee has a beautiful photograph of snowy trees and a beautiful snowy blue birdhouse.

Barb's beautiful blue snow scene...

And there are other colors to winter...look at these morning skies from last week. 

This morning they are all grey and white.....aren't they?  What did they predict?  9 inches?


Laura said...

Productive class April

Suz said...

did you see the sundog sunrise?
Oh it was exquisite
I love the work your class is doing
Sometimes I miss it..not the stuff
but the process of creative expression

Doris said...

Great bunch of worker bees! Lovely sunrise this time of year!