Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn Arts Retreat

A welcoming table decoration.

Dinner is served to the 13 witches!

Our "carriage" awaited and we had a night haywagon ride to Indian Hill. We 13 witches cackled and told scary stories circled around this big bonfire sipping "Spider Cider".

After breakfast on Saturday morning, a walk in the autumn woods.

The colors greeted us. Reds...

and yellows.

Back to the Magic Yellow Forest.

We found evidence of fairies!

We left them some little gifts.

A little misty atmosphere.

Nature revealed some beautiful still lifes!

Breathtaking colors!

And interesting finds!

A perfect autumn day.

Gathering back and another sip of "Spider Cider". cackle cackle cackle


Doris said...

What wonderful pictures! And a great retreat!

Uta said...

Wow what fun. I would just love to do it. I'm a good cackler hehehe

april said...

hee hee hee

Laura said...

Oh April, I will have to come back and re look at these picture. Seem like you got what you needed a nice bonding retreat.