Sunday, October 12, 2008


We almost finally "get it" that we are brothers.

Sunlight on our heads. Halos? Hmmmmm. You see Henri's is a bit crooked.


Marjorie said...

HOw sweet! It's so cute to see the hair by Henri's left eye, our right, that covers part of his eye!

Doris said...

I think his halo is perfect! What a wonderful pair!

Laura said...

April Henry is growing so fast. And he's looking like he's settling well. I also sense some relief on your part as he finds his place in the big world of things.

MB said...

My gosh, is that the sweetest photo or what? I love how their paws are crossed. Henri looks like a stuffed toy come to life. I'm glad he is settling in and Timber is getting used to him. Happy 4th Bday to Danielle, too! What a fun age!