Monday, October 20, 2008

Come my pretties...!

"On a weekend of creativity and Halloween magic, we packed our witches hats, journals and sketchbooks to enjoy the magic of the autumn woods and the magic of Halloween fun, nurturing the magic of our creative spirits!" The Center

A witches' wagon ride
To the other side -
Off to Indian Hill
In the night chill
cackle cackle
he he he
Join the tea
Come with me...
And so the witches
Had some fun
Hay wagons passed
But then would run
As cackling witches
Shook their brooms
In every corner
Where darkness looms
"Come here by me,
Over here by the tree"
The wheels sped off
And the witches scoffed.
Around the fire
They sat in a circle
Black hats with gold -
Some with purple.
They told tales till
The fire burned low
Then where they went
The trees only know.
Off with their brooms
They flew away
Surely to return
Next Halloween Day.

Today they hiked
To the magic yellow woods
They thought they should behave
They thought they really should.
The fairies and the fungus
All made their presence known
They brushed their hair and hid their hats
So no one knew that they had flown.
They had such fun
And leaving was sad
But the time came to go
Before they were caught being bad.
Witch April


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Doris said...

What a wonderfully inspired tale!