Monday, October 27, 2008

my Autumn leaves

Will be snipping and snipping again today. Lots of windows to fill and I'm glad these leaves can stay up until Thanksgiving. Danielle will help me tomorrow.

We had a little excitement last night. Dear hubby offered to take "Henri" for his 9 o'clock trip to the backyard. "Peter Rabbit" was waiting earlier than usual. He doesn't seem to think we can see him, doesn't move until we are almost on top of him and then his tail goes bouncing through the fence like a big white ping pong ball. (boing boing boing) Well, "Henri Houdini" went bouncing through the fence right after him and down to the little creek beyond our house. Hubby hurried out of the gate and called and called for "Henri"! He turned around and there was little "Houdini" sitting right next to him. They both came in panting.


Audrey Altringer said...

Well duh! The first photo looked like you caught the the leaves in action falling from a tree or had "hubby" throwing them down from the roof. Then I realized that you attached leaves to the window. Nice shot!

april said...

Thanks, Audrey!

butterfly woman said...

It is a nice shot, especially the top photo. Has a surreal, mysterious effect to it. Great angle.
Nice story about Houdini as well. Very whimsical!
I like how you combine photos and stories. Tells a more complete story.

Doris said...

I was captured also bu that first photo believing it was real and what a wonderful shot. What lovely decor! So glad Henri's escapade had a happy ending!