Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Monday

5:30 a.m. Out with the dogs this morning, and they just wanted to play with the ice. Timber on the deck and Henri in the yard. The teeniest sliver of a moon peeked at us, as they stirred things up. It peeked out from a hazy cloudy eyelid, that very slowly opened a little more and a little more as it heard the dogs scuffling around. Then the lid closed, almost all the way again, and it went back to sleep.
Yesterday, I spent most of the day sorting valentine papers and washing tablecloths. I took the paper, that was on the big rolls, off and cut it into big pieces so it's ready for next year. Then, after I washed the tablecloths, I rolled them on the big empty rolls that were from the paper. Now they won't get wrinkled. Think I once learned that from Martha Stewart. Anyway, I still have not packed everything away. It's calling me to make up a few more ideas for next time. I'm just not done with it yet.

Timber is doing well. Sleeping well, eating well, and is even playful at times. This makes me think he's feeling better. His hind legs are stiff and I am sure bothersome, so he has trouble with stairs and is very hesitant with using them unless he is absolutely sure he can do it. So for the most part, we walk him around the house from the front to the backyard.

Yesterday he had a spurt of energy out on the deck. Just loves those ice clumps!
You get 'em, Timber!


Suz said...

yeah get 'em!
April I loved our project this year...but I loved the book we made last year too...
Thanks for all you do
you know the women love you
and your cooking

Doris said...

Good to hear and see that Timber is improving!

Elena said...

Oh so happy to hear about Timber!

april said...

I loved that book too, Sue. I may look for another one for next year!