Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yep, it's snow!

Timber is enjoying the new snowfall this morning!

"Fun! Feels good!"

" Henri is sleeping and I have this all to myself."

" Yuck! That bite didn't taste so good."

" Peek! Are you watching me, Henri?"


" Good! One more dip and I'll go in."
Yesterday was Calligraphy class in the afternoon. Then the overnight snow that continues this morning. Wondering if we will be able to have classes tomorrow. Today, I'm home! Working on ideas for making different papers for collage class and ATCs. Have to catch up with my blogger friends too! It's been a busy time. Timber continues to feel better. It's so good to see him play.


Suz said...

This made me so happy to see!
like a puppy
I'll bet you're happy too

Elena said...

Oh how good it is to see Timber playing!

Doris said...

I'd feel like a pup too, if I had time to make snow angels!