Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm excited about working on new Round Robin Collage Ledger pages. There are 11 participants and so 11 themes. Our own was to be the first (for January) and I am working on that, but did finish this one for February. The theme is "Retro 50's". I enjoyed this because I have a lot of memories from the 50's. I decided to concentrate on the stars of the Silver Screen. I incorporated the music score from "Moonglow" (theme from "Picnic"), the logos of the prominent movie companies, the Stars, and Doris Day and Rock Hudson (Pillow Talk) toasting to the entire memory.

I finished it off with a swirling of clear tar gel and gold foil (thanks to the teachings of Jacqueline Sullivan).

I thought it would give it that glowing, glittering Hollywood touch.


Doris said...

I wanted to have white hair like Doris Day when I was young. Someday I will.

april said...

I did for years...and now it just turned that way.