Thursday, February 18, 2010

A full Wednesday

Yesterday, in collage class, we "made" some papers that we will cut up into 1-1/2" squares to use in other collages for the next session. Beginning with a piece of cardstock and choosing a favorite color pallette, we put down bits and pieces of an assortment of papers from our scrap bags. Sometimes it's a good thing that you don't throw anything away!

Peggy gets a good start with some bright colors

Marge is working in soft blues and tans.

MaryAnn decided to put her pieces down in strips.

Teri's is looking very interesting.

Sandy and Bernie were excited about their results, not having done this before.

Denise chose greens and worked in strips too.

Denise, Bernie and Sandy all working hard to get to the stamping and embossing part.

Sandy and Teri concentrating hard to finish. After the surface was covered with scraps of paper, we then used a large rubber stamp to create more background interest over the entire piece. Then on to smaller stamps and embossing powder for added interest.
In the afternoon, it was on to Quilting Class...

I am finally assembling my quilt.

Denise is working on her beautiful yellow and blue wall hanging.

And here is Esther and Denise admiring Esther's lovely pink quilt. Finished!


Suz said...

I was changing diapers

Audrey said...

I love the pink quilt.

Doris said...

So much color to absorb in one day!