Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blog business

"Give thanks.  Wait.  Watch what happens.  Get excited. Open your arms as wide as you can to receive all the miracles with your name on them."  from "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban Breathnach

And so now that I can post pictures again, I will try to explain, for those who are interested, how that miracle happened...with help from Anne and Angel.  

I have tried deleting old posts directly from the blog, which may have helped in the past it seemed, but this time I had to delete direct from Picasa.  So, let's see...I went into or something like that and signed in with my email and google password.  Now, at first, this did not work for me because for some unknown reason picasa didn't recognize my google profile and wanted me to "create a profile".  I didn't want to create anything; I didn't even like picasa and thought they had a lot of nerve asking me after what they've done.  So with the help of an "angel", I had to sign in through google to get to picasa and that worked.  And now when I go back, picasa does recognize me.  who knows why?  From there you can view all your photos/albums that are being stored in picasa.  You can click on them and delete the ones you want; sometimes a photo at a time and sometimes the entire album if you want to.  Just remember when you delete them from picasa, they will also be deleted from your blog.  You will end up with a grey square with a black mark across it, i think, on your blog where your photo was.  So, because I am printing and saving my blog posts in binders for posterity, it is taking me longer to coordinate all of this.

All is not solved yet though...I must have deleted enough to post photos coming from my bigger camera, but I am still unable to post photos from my little "point & shoot" camera.  With my bigger camera, I am able to resize my photos on the computer before I try to add them to a post, but on my little camera, it won't let me "save" the resizing and so they must be too big to post.  ???  Just another mystery of the computer/internet world.