Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Christmas Luncheon

Last week we had a Mary Englebreit luncheon at The Center.  Pauline had gathered so much interesting information on her life and Lois put together a grand slide show.  I love that drawing above singing "Joy To The World"!

Here's Pauline.  Sorry for the blur but there were 60 guests for the lunch and I was a little far away and snapping best i could.

Pauline has a "library" of  M.E. books and she brought them all to display.

And, of course, I have to show you the most wonderful Christmas tree in the Great Hall.  Every year it is decorated with pressed Queen Anne's Lace and bright red bows.

After lunch and the program, we trotted over to the Log Cabin for the Arts to make some M.E. crafts, and with that it was my turn to help.....


Suz said...

love that tree...hey have you checked out one of blogs that I follow...called Pumpkins patch?
....you...willllll loooooveeee it!
Little Maisie...the baby lambie

Laura said...

awesome April...Share when you can about the tweeking you found about the blog issue..