Monday, December 24, 2012

the afternoon before Christmas Eve...

It was the afternoon before Christmas Eve and there was already some festivity going on above Julie's kitchen table.  Vintage ornaments from a garage sale dancing around in a whirl of snow.

I went over for our annual cookie baking afternoon.  We each had a bowl of dough going and into the oven they would go.

She found a great and decorative idea for hanging her Christmas cards.  A string of small lights wound around her kitchen shelf and the cards attached with clothespins.  Pretty!

The tree was glowing.

A little fuzzy but so were some of the snowmen in a little forest of twigs and lights.

Another little setting of lights and favorites with her angel scherenschnitte that we did at a Christmas retreat one year.

And have to show you this horse that she made from fabulous socks!  She was making another one last night.  One for Danielle and one for Kassidy.  Shhhhhhhhhhh...don't tell.  Isn't he the cutest?

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