Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Christmas crafts

Back again to the Christmas Retreat, one of the things we made were Advent Calendars.  Everyone's idea was different and they all looked so pretty on the tables.

Colorful felt!

Lori's little mouse already had his supper on one of her corners!

This is mine and, as you can see below, I decided to blanket stitch around the pockets.

Still sewing!

Two of the other crafts we did were this little felt tea bag holder.  I have to put a button on the front yet.  And this little "almond" birdie perched on a twig.

Here is the back of the tea bag holder (nice for a small gift) and that birdie again with his little felt hat.

This lovely little spool ornament was a gift from Angel.  She made it and gave it to me that night.  I just love it!

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