Thursday, February 7, 2013

A few "goings-on" of the week...

My "mystery" plant is having it's pre-spring bloom.  Maybe you remember me talking about this plant that was my grandmother's.  Heaven only knows how old it is or what it is; my mom never really gave it a name.  When i was little and we lived in my grandmother's big house in the city, she always had pots of this plant on the enclosed back porch.  It is certainly a survivor and I love it!  Someone told me a name to look up and I have to try to remember; think it began with an "a".

I kept forgetting to take pictures this week in my collage classes, but I do have a few.  Here, from Monday's class, is Lois'.  She is honoring Grandma Moses.

This is Alice's very first collage.  She loves gardening.  I think it's beautiful!

And Mary, who loves the impressionists, is working on one of Mary Cassatt's life.

This beautiful colorful garden scene is Lora Lee's.  She is in Wednesday's class, but would miss this week, so joined us on Monday.

And Martha Washington, by me, is almost complete.  I wanted to add some red to represent the old flag.  Now, maybe a couple more splashes of music.

And this morning, the glitz went on the valentines!

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Ann said...

the collages are lovely!!
your Martha Washington is marvelous!!!
i have no idea what you plant is..but it is really pretty!!
love the Valentine's!!