Thursday, February 28, 2013

the birds

Yesterday morning there was a male and a female Cardinal at the suet block, but Henri beat me to the window and they flew away.  Henri can be sleeping, but if I am heading for the window with my camera, he wakes up and follows me as if he knows.  I took some pictures anyway and even though this is just the little sparrow, I love his beautiful brown colors on his back.

And the mob of Starlings.  I do love their spotty feathers and watching their busy activity.  I read that "about 150 Common starlings were introduced into New York State in 1890.  Within a mere 60 years the birds were estimated to have increased by at least a millionfold and had spread throughout most of the country.  The House sparrow, introduced in 1850, has reached all the states within about 50 years and must have increased by about the same amount."


Suz said...

starlings are delighful to watch
but they clean out a feeder no time flat
did you get my profile info
did it help

Jan said...

I too enjoy all the birds. There are plenty of starlings around but they rarely come to my feeders for some reason. Probably just as well.

april said...

thanks, Suz. i will try when i do get a pix i can put up - maybe henri?

Jan, the Starlings don't visit my feeders but they seemed to like the suet.