Friday, February 22, 2013

the snow man

Henri loves the snow.  He's beginning to look like Fozzy Bear because he hasn't been at the groomer because of his infection.  He's doing good now and will have a doc check-up tomorrow.  I bought him nice oatmeal shampoo and am going to try to get him in the shower this week myself.  As you can see, he has little snowballs collecting on his whiskers.

Then he packs his half-ball with snow and brings it in the house that way.  Oh Henri!

Here's his "bury the ball" game.

He likes it to hide on him and then he pretends he's the winner when he finds it.


Suz said...

oh he's so handsome and what fun he's having....

Ann said...

wonderful pictures!!
Henri looks so cute with the snow on his face!!
i know he brings so much joy to you..just looking at his pictures brings smiles to me!!

Laura said...

Great to hear he's feeling better and back to romping around and this time in the snow.