Sunday, February 10, 2013

Festive February

Yesterday was my Valentine party!  Because of Henri being sick for the last few  weeks, I was fortunate to be able to have it at The Center in the Anderson Building.  Henri is much better but I didn't want to worry about others, with him just getting over a bacterial infection.

The 33 bags were lined up waiting for everyone to deposit their valentines that they had made inside for delivery.

Lunch was first on the agenda.  Having to transport the food over there, I decided to make crockpot dishes.  We had Teriyaki Chicken and Italian Beef Sandwiches, grated italian cheeses and colby-jack, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini slices, giardiniera, and Julie's fresh fruit salsa with homemade cinnamon chips.

Desserts were Cheese Blintzes and Cookies 'n Cream Cake.  Oh, and Peggy made some yummy chocolate cherry squares.

This cake is one I found a long time ago in a little Pillbury cookbook and it tastes just like the inside of an Oreo.  It's a favorite of mine!

Danielle had celebrated the 100th day of school at her school last week and this is what she had made for the occasion there.

A darling little house made with 100 Q-Tips!

On to more valentine making and a search for favorite papers and supplies!

All my happy Valentines...

and to each a bag of valentines to take home...

and a Valentine jar (thanks to Jenny Doh's blog) with some Almond Bark covered popcorn and a beautiful chocolate-covered pretzel that Angel and Dan made for each.

Of course, I always have a project for the day.  This year, it was a little book of the most popular words for Valentine's Day.  We went on to collage the cover and all the pages with images inspired from the word of the page.  A nice little memory of this Valentine's Day.

And then we can hardly wait to go home and look through our bag of homemade valentines!

All treasures!


Robin said...

Thanks again for a wonderful time! Fantastic food, great fun and fabulous friends!

Ann said...

oh..wish i lived anywhere nearby!! you have such fun!!
this looks like it was a fabulous get together with friends!! food looks yummy!!!
my grandkids did the 100 days of school last year and the year before..her house of 100 q-tips is darling!!!..i never would have thought of that!!

Suz said...

Oh I see my dog gone valentine!
so you got them....
So sorry I had to miss the gala

Laura said...

Truly a celebration that stems for history and has become a wonderful tradition still. Awesome to see the group of woman doing this still..Hoot! Hoot! for April and it looks as though it might be a special place from now on to have it there at the center..Good for all of you ladies!

Jan said...

What fun! All those goodies and the lovely Valentines to treasure.