Sunday, November 17, 2013

a little family stuff...

A little family get-together.  Nice.  So, this is for my cousin, Joanne, and her husband Chuck who live in Maryland and who, I know, want to see these faces!  Here's Julie pouring the coffee.

Some of the cousin Diana's husband, Jack.  Rob. frowning!

Here is my cousin, Diana, on the right and her daughter, Dawn.

Diana and Brent.

Dawn and Diana again.  Some serious conversation?

Dan, Angel and the girls were here too, but since I don't put pictures of the girls on here yet, I'll have to email those.  We had a nice visit and we had leftover wedding food  that I had froze, along with some fresh additions!  Was good!

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Doris said...

I bet it was wonderful to visit with long distance relatives!