Sunday, November 10, 2013

the Big Fish

Yesterday, Dan and Angel invited us all out to lunch.  The girls, Julie, Rob, Rich and I.  It was to be a secret where we were going, but they said to bring our cameras.  We picked up Julie and Rob on the way to their house and I had to take a picture of this in front of Julie's house - the fallen Burning Bush leaves along with her painted rock, looked so pretty.

Going all backroads, it was a lovely drive and finally we arrived! 

The "Big Fish" at the Harborside Marina in Wilmington. 

The food was excellent!  I had the whitefish from Lake Superior and it was so good!

The marina is on the Illinois River near the mouth of the Kankakee River. 

Very picturesque, and the sky and water were so blue for perfect pictures.

They have floating homes that added to the quaintness of the scene.

And even a cute pup to greet everyone.  His name is Dudley.  We'll be back, Dudley!


Laura said...

what a nice surprise April

Doris said...

Yep, a beautiful surprise! Glad you brought your camera!