Thursday, November 21, 2013

Class notes

Everyone busy yesterday, finishing their medieval pieces/books and other unfinished more week, after this one, left to this session before the Christmas holiday.

Denise is working on "Lady of the Lake".

Caught ya!

and her "Outhouse" from last session.

Sandy's "Greek God of Wine".

Karen's "The Queen of Hearts"!

Barb is creating a "fairy" scene.

Busy, busy.

Judy has all her images ready to put into the painted pages of her book of "Guinevere".

Lora Lee's "Bee E Careful".  Some of these pieces will be at The Art Show this coming Sunday, so if you stop in, you can see them in person.

Maryann's.  (still nameless?)

and Peggy's "Book of Days". 

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