Wednesday, November 27, 2013

more of the art show day

Blogger is behaving this morning and allowing me to post more pictures!  Maybe it's the Thanksgiving spirit!  Is that possible?  Anyway...a shot in the Fellowcrafters' Shop.  Everything is always so festive and colorful there.  Look at all those hats and gloves! 

Robin and her marvelous mandalas!

the masks from Artist's Way.

Marge with her creative calligraphy and more!

The wonderful Children's it!  And I always plan to take lots of photos of everything; walked all around with my camera when Julie came, and was so busy talking to everyone and seeing everything...I didn't.  Julie took all of these when she had her turn to venture around.  Next year...more!

Then, on the way over to the Log Cabins...

where more was happening this year...

Lois with her drawing/painting class exhibited here.

And here are some of the class...happy in Art!

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