Friday, November 8, 2013

and the rest of the week...

I'm finishing up some drawings for the Art Show that's coming up at The Center this month.  Have been wanting to do another drawing of The Wayside Chapel and now my son was married there a couple of weeks ago and so this is special for me.

And then there's the Thanksgiving pumpkins!

In quilting class, some of us are doing a table runner.  The color is "off'" in these pictures.  It's not melon-y at all - it's really like a dark mustard color.  Will take more when it's finished and on the table.

The design is called "disappearing nine patch" and I have a long long long kitchen table when all the leaves are put in. 

Oh!  Here's my pumpkin and leaf models!

And this is the inuksuk that I made for Barb for our collaborative plexiglas "house" project.  There are twelve participants and each month each person has to make something for the someone who they have on the list for that month.  For the month that I had Barb, I had to make something with "additive beads, bricks or stones".  I decided the inuksuk would be the appropriate thing as it's in my memory how I loved seeing them on the roadsides when I traveled through Canada. 


Laura said...

You are awesome...My creative Hero!

Doris said...

So busy, so much happening! Beautiful!