Thursday, April 10, 2014

And it's a neighborhood!

Last Saturday was the gathering of the finished houses.  Joan was good enough to have us at her house for the unveiling and all the houses arrived.  And remember they all began with four clear acrylic walls and two roof pieces, unassembled.  Above, the humble "Mouse Haus" by me.

"Green House Gone Wild" by Nancy Swingle
"Boys Clubhouse - Tree Fort" by Annette Franz
"Embraced:  The Global Gathering" by Barrie Mason

"House of Ancient Wisdom" by Mary Warner

"Dwelling of the Four Seasons" by Joan Lucht
"Rooftop Sanctuary, an Exotic House Retreat" by Margi Hafer
and it's lovely little occupant.
"Spirit House" by Ann Hupke

 "House of Serenity" by Judy Mohrhardt
ooops... again the Tree Fort.
 "The House That Keeps on Giving" by Gale Vance
"Maison des Reves" (house of dreams) by Barb Boland

and, in the middle here is "Voices" (house of sounds) by Sylvia Koch
and while admiring Joan's Spring centerpiece,
 we enjoyed a lovely luncheon and talked about our houses.


Robin said...

These are soooooo fabulous!!! What a talented bunch you are! These should be in a book with even more photos of the details! Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Totally amazing to see them all, I caught a glimpse of them in Anne Hupke's car at the MCS meeting..

april said...

It WAS amazing to see all twelve! And yes, Margi is having a book made.

Jan said...

These are all fantastic! Love how each one is so unique. You all sure do some creative and wonderful work.