Friday, April 11, 2014

and Wednesday's class...

We've been making some backgrounds for the ATC's that we will exchange at the last class before summer break.  Usually do this now before summer and then again at Christmastime.  Fun to see what everyone comes up with and it's a little memory of everyone in class.

Here's Barb getting hers ready.
Carolyn's beginning a new collage of textured squares that we will be doing...
Like these textures.  Planning them out and then adding some accent strips and images as "sweet spots" here and there.

Lora Lee is starting a Spring collage that she had in mind.

And then there was sketchbook homework.  Horizontal and vertical designs.


Teri's; a lovely little finished piece.

and everyone who did their homework got a nice gold star!

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april said...

Do you remember that "squares" one, Laura. We did something like that in your class a long long time ago.