Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So far this week...

From Monday's class, Cynthia's collage finished and wonderful...happy and colorful!  I am anxious to really see some of this green coming soon, and I love her little bird at the bottom of the tree.

Mary's lovely tribute to her mother.  The packing material background worked wonderfully, allowing the purple crocus to steal the show!
Still working on mine; especially since I have decided to do three.  Adding things little by little, trying to keep the continuity going.  Can you see the bunny in the bottom left of the lefthand piece?  ha!

I had some monoprint papers that were the perfect color and the right flimsy paper for keeping him obscure as I wanted him to be.  Can you figure him out?  Ears going up on the top left, face pointing right, his body, and his fluffy white tail at the bottom left. 

Also working in bits and pieced because of other projects on the burner.  Working on a collaborative "house" project that needs to finished...like now!  This is how it began with four clear acrylic walls and roof to be put together.
And this is how it is progressing, but I can't reveal everything yet.  Soon...

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nacherluver said...

Thank you for sharing all that beautiful artwork. Brought a smile to my face.