Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The House That Mouse Built...

Here are some beginning pictures taken while I was preparing for the" Plexiglas House Collage Collaborative Project".  There were twelve participants, each building their own house from these pieces of cut Plexiglas that Ann gave us.  We had a schedule for the year, and each month we made something for someone else's house that would fulfill their house description and theme.  So we would also, in return, receive something from someone else for our own house.

My house is called the "Mouse Haus" and here is how she built it.

Mouse loves to sew.

Here, her little bed and table made from twigs and, of course, a tiny quilt to keep  her warm.


Early on, I had found this little cluster of acorn caps at The Center and thought they would be a perfect ceiling light for her house.  Added beads for light bulbs, when it was ready to be installed.

A tiny collage on a twig easel, of course!
A tiny pillow made of forest-y fabric to match her quilt.

A basket of "berries" for munching.
And, you can see the lovely little rug that Mary wove for her floor.

So Mouse began filling her house.

Adding all the lovelies that were sent to her.

She has a beautiful window to look out of, thanks to Gale.

It's feeling very "home-y"...
and next I will show you the rest of the story.


Robin said...

April, this is soooooo adorable! I had lunch at the Center today with Nancy Swingle and she told me allllll about the incredible houses that you guys have made! I am dying to see them! Nancy talked about finding a place to exhibit them. Let me know if you find one! I really would love to see them in person!

Jan said...

These pieces are all so wonderful and inviting. Maybe miss Mouse should come and decorate my house! What a great idea for a collaborative project.