Sunday, September 5, 2010

A hike in the sun and wind

Saturday brought a drive out to Starved Rock. I haven't been there in years. It was such a nice drive out and what a beautiful day!

Chilly when we first got there in the morning, but the hiking warmed us up. The sun was pleasantly nice and the trees were all talking with the wind. It sounded wonderful.

Yes, that's where we were, way over there. (if you zoom in, you can see one of the lookout points way up to the left.)
We walked and walked and did take time to enjoy lunch at The Lodge, which was very nice. (this photograph should go toward the end of this story, but I guess I was trying to distribute color throughout!)

Looking went way way down.

Yellow flowers were all over, looking very pretty.

The sun filtered through the trees, just enough to warm us once in a while and send beautiful shadows sprawling.

I'm sure this was connected to the ground, roots of something. Took the picture quickly, not to fall behind.

A few trees were starting to turn. Want to go back in the Fall!

Just a lovely day with loved ones and nature. I can still hear those trees.

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Laura said...

Beautiful all the way around, sights and food what a great day~