Thursday, September 16, 2010

late bloomers!

I threw these seeds in my mailbox planter when it was well into summer, saw some green coming up but then didn't think they would bloom this year. One day last week, I got this surprise! I think they're a morning glory; don't know if I saved the package. Aren't they pretty?

I have a weakness for white petunias, but I think they like their colorful new neighbor.


Laura said...

Just beautiful

Doris said...

Happy little blooms!

Gloria said...

I don't know if they are a morning glory...whatever they are, they are beautiful!! A little spot of happiness in the garden! :)

p.s. I did post the enchilada recipe on my blog this week. If you still wanted it. :)

J (uk) said...

So pretty... I love white petunias too and they do look good with your morning glories.