Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday's Class

The new Fall session of collage began yesterday and we started it off by making some papers to use in our pieces. We created a nice look with crumpling brown paper and spritzing acrylic wash on it. The color seeps into the cracks and the juicy puddles of color dry beautifully.

We also did bleeding tissue color transfer and made a Batik tissue where we stamped the bottom piece with with a design using water soluble stamp ink and applying embossing powder which we heated and then layering on more layers of tissue, spritzing with water in between. We promised not to peek at those papers until today when they would be completely dry.

Then we made paper towel art papers by applying acrylics in rows on freezer paper, then layering wet and wrung out paper towel on top and using a brayer spreading the paint and absorbing it into the towel layers, continuing until no more paint seeps through. When done, separating the towel layers and using rubber stamps to stamp rows of images on and on and on to create a look of depth.

Here's lots of stamping going on!
Then we applied paint in blotches to another freezer paper, folded it in half to spread the paint, and then put white paper on top of the wet paint to print the design a couple of times.
We also did some diffusing imagery by sanding magazine pages and then brushing on watered down gesso.
Here you see some of the creations spread out outside the artroom drying and getting a little additional weathering!
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Laura said...

You got them hooked lady!!

Kate said...

Looks like a really fun class!

Elena said...

Oooooh looks fun! I send greetings to all!